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Greg and Jennifer

We're based in Baltimore. Fell's Point is our neighborhood. We love this city. Meet Jericho Vinegar Works. 

Jennifer Jericho

Jennifer Jericho


Book Designer.
Design Thinker.

Believes in simple ingredients when creating spell-casting recipes: whenever Jennifer makes a meal, she makes believers. Relates well with others.

Gregory Jericho, Illustrator

Gregory Jericho


Tech Enthusiast

Midwestern work-ethic. Self-taught and school-corrected. If Greg doesn't know how to do it, he damn sure figures it out.

This is The Jericho Vinegar Works

Our collaboration is a process, exploring new interests and how they influence our capabilities as a design collective. A lot of our friends work in creative fields, so we get interested in stuff pretty often.

Our first collaboration was in 2013 for AIGA Baltimore’s annual Design Week, sparking off a hunt for new opportunities ever since. We’ve recorded and edited both videos and podcasts. We’ve screen printed posters. We did a series of animated explainer videos. Greg’s an Adobe expert and has also been known to broadcast live drawing. Jennifer’s skilled in workshop facilitation, using design thinking principles to work out a variety of problems.

We’re even designing Edgar Allan Poe’s memorial exhibit for Baltimore’s annual PoeFest this October. We think of it as ‘funeral directing for Mr. Poe’.

We love what we do and we think it should look great when it’s done. We want to be interested and we want to show it off. If you’re excited about your project, we’ll be right there with you.

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Our Studio

Fell's Point
Baltimore, MD 21231