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Greg and Jennifer

We're based in Baltimore. Fell's Point is our neighborhood. We love this city. Meet Jericho Vinegar Works. 

Jennifer Jericho

Jennifer Jericho


Book Designer.
Design Thinker.

Believes in simple ingredients when creating spell-casting recipes: whenever Jennifer makes a meal, she makes believers. Relates well with others. 

Gregory Jericho, Illustrator

Gregory Jericho


Tech Enthusiast

Midwestern work-ethic. Self-taught and school-corrected. If Greg doesn't know how to do it, he damn sure figures it out.

This is Jericho Vinegar Works

While it's true that our design knowledge and expertise in visual communications delivers well-crafted, smart solutions, we don't really take ourselves that seriously. We like to think that we worked hard to get where we are. Both of us have lifetimes of education driven by genuine interest.

We love our work and we think it should look great. We want to show it off when it's done. We want to be genuinely interested. Whether its a novelty t-shirt or an animated presentation, we always work with people who want to create something we can appreciate as much as they do.

Our first collaboration was in 2013 for an AIGA event and we've been taking on new opportunities since then, a process that continues to explore how new interests influence our capabilities as a design collective. Even this website is a continuation of the process and we look forward to seeing how it evolves. 

Jennifer currently serves on the AIGA Women Lead steering committee, working to develop programs, events, and resources for an inclusive audience—women and men, emerging designers and seasoned professionals, members and nonmembers.


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